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The Barbican - Castle Gatehouse

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28mm Scale Miniature Medieval Fantasy Building Kits Made From High Quality Engineered Wood (MDF).


Perfect For Tabletop Games Like Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder.



The Barbican used to be a fortified gatehouse of the castle and was the main point of entry and exit. A drawbridge, positioned over a deep moat, was the first line of defense. This would be raised during an attack to deny the enemy an easy approach. A portcullis, which is a heavy vertical sliding, was positioned directly behind the drawbridge. Its latticed grille was made of strong oak and layered with beaten iron as protection against fire. Just behind the portcullis was a large double-shuttered wooden door with a smaller pedestrian door within it. A mangonel mounted on top of the Barbican allowed the defenders to shower the enemy with rocks at a distance. On the upper level, machicolations with murder holes allowed defenders to hurl rocks or boiling oil onto the heads of attackers trying to breach the door. The battlements provided cover from enemy arrows while at the same time allowing the defenders to shoot back at the enemy. The Barbican set comes with two modular wall units with wooden hoardings on the upper level. These hoardings were installed when a siege was expected and provided extra cover to defenders.


  • Snap-fit Joinery. No Glue or Tools Required.

  • Detailed Graphic Instructions.

  • Comes Pre-Painted.

  • Modular Design. Compatible with all our modular building kits.

  • Stackable Blocks.

  • Accessible Interiors For Game Play.

  • Functional Drawbridge, Portcullis, and Doors

  • Functional Projectile Weapon - Mangonel



  • Model Dimension: 7.8in x 6.7in x 8.2in

  • Box Dimension: 12.5in x 8.4in x 2in

  • Weight: 1.75kg

  • No. of Parts: 294

  • Material: MDF

  • Scale: 28mm Scale



  • No. of Frames: 15

  • Thread

  • Rubber band

  • Help Pegs

  • Detailed English Instruction Booklet