About Us

I Built It was founded by engineer-architect team Zoeya and Sunil with the goal of creating gaming terrain and model kits which are intricately detailed but also enjoyable to assemble.

Zoeya is a former software engineer and computer hardware tester who had a keen interest in  architecture and gaming. Whereas Sunil is a practicing architect, enthusiastic model maker and gamer.

The idea for I Built It started when Sunil was in architecture school but it was when he met Zoeya his ideas transformed into creating fully modular friction fit kits of I Built It. As an organization, I Built It Miniatures has a marketing office in Vancouver (Canada) and a design/production center in Bangalore (India).   

We are happy that we can make things that others like.

You can find I Built It Miniatures on Redfynd to explore the best offers.