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Behemoth - Medieval Siege Weapon - Battering Ram

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28mm Scale Miniature Medieval Fantasy Building Kits Made From High Quality Engineered Wood (MDF).


Perfect For Tabletop Games Like Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder. Fun DIY Activity For Family.



The Battering Ram was the medieval equivalent of the modern bulldozer. A massive timber, capped with a ram’s head formed the battering element. This was mounted onto a cart that had a sloped roof to provide the attackers some means of defense against arrows and falling rocks thrown from the castle battlements. This model features an openable roof allowing you to observe the spring-loaded mechanism and trigger on the inside. Push the head back till it locks, depress the trigger to launch the Ram head forward. This kit allows you to build a replica of a medieval battering ram. The roof of the ram is made up of roughly cut timber planks that offered protection from enemy arrows and stones thrown from their ramparts. In medieval times, the wooden planks would usually be covered with animal hide to provide some protection against fire arrows. In this kit, the roof is openable allowing the user to view the parts inside. In this kit, the motion of the ram is simulated through a spring-loaded mechanism. Push the ram head back until it clicks against the firing trigger. Press the firing trigger down to release the ram.



  • Snap-fit Joinery. No Glue or Tools Required.

  • Detailed Graphic Instructions.

  • Firing Trigger.

  • Spring Loaded Ram



  • Model Dimension: 4.13 in x 7.48 in x 2.52 in

  • Box Dimension: 8.46 in x 6.30 in x 1 in

  • Weight: 650g

  • No. of Parts: 57

  • Material: MDF

  • Scale: 28mm Scale



  • No. of Frames: 5

  • Thread

  • Rubber-bands

  • Help Pegs

  • Detailed English Instruction Booklet