Arch corridor leading to staircase for access to top floors

Crooked Elbow - Side View

Entrance of Crooked Elbow

Crooked Elbow is a tavern that is usually found at the center of town square,  a place for traders to discuss exchange rates, travelers to rest and for everyone to gamble your inheritance away and drink ale till your liver content!
Taverns are also cultural and political hotbeds, it shouldn't come as a surprise that most political uprising (and mobs) begin within a tavern.

With Crooked Elbow you can do just that within the comfort of your own home. Crooked Elbow consists of 3 levels. The ground level consists of the entry into the bar/inn. On the left had side is a stone arch way corridor that leads to the staircase leading up to the 1dt floor of the hexagonal tower. The 1st and 2nd floor has three rooms each. The roof floor consists of two attic rooms formed by the two roof profiles. 

The plaster inlay in between the wood timber is an optional element that can be inserted depending on what finish you prefer. Accessories include five different types of bay windows attached around the building adding more interest to the entire look of model. 



Stackable staircase allowing figures to be placed inside

Stackable staircase with roof attached

Front view of Rickety Arms
Row house are low-rise houses bound by a common sidewall. They usually have similar gloomy aesthetics, where everyone has a 9 – 5 job of working in a masonry, or fighting in a war for a king that didn’t care about you! If this still doesn't interest you our model comes with its very own apothecary. Poisons, witches, spells, curses, maybe throw a princess in the mix and viola!
Rickety Arms is a medieval era row house that functions as an Apothecary as well as residence. 
Rickety Arms consists of three building structures, the main row house with 4 levels, external staircase for accessing the 3 levels of the main building, and the third building with 2 levels of which the ground floor is the apothecary work shop and 1st floor is a balcony with access to the 1st floor of the main building. 



The Graveyard

The Graveyard


Vertical Toombstones

Tombstone slab and grave cage

Graveyard top view

If you ever got tired of your friends who survived the plague and want to hang out with the ones that didn’t – our graveyard model is just the thing you’re looking for! Can be attached to our Chapel model (because why not?) or used as a standalone setup.

There are nine floor panels that can be placed in different orientations to create various sizes of graveyard as required. One of floor panels is exclusively for the entrance gate and column. This setup also includes a mausoleum that can be placed within the graveyard.

Additional elements such as the vertical tombstones, tombstone slabs angled tombstones and grave cage add more character to the setup. Removable provisions are provided on the floor panels to attach the column and fence along the perimeter of your graveyard as required. 



Standard Modules

Introducing our very own dungeons modules sets. We have our standard floor, I and L Module to get you started with a basic set up but that's not all. We are currently developing a range of additional modules derived from our standard set of modules like doorways, columns, traps, and other accessories. You want more? We're also developing a range of material texture options as well!   

Dungeon setup (Prototyping) 

View from dungeon setup

View from dungeon setup




Fighting pit view from tower

Fighting Pit with watch tower and VIP seating

Fighting Pit - Side view

Market Stall

Fighting pit - Dungeon 

Hall of champions

Fighting pit - Top view

For all the gladiators out there, our fighting pit is just the thing you’re looking for. The Fighting Pit/Arena is a multipurpose setup that can function as an amphitheater as well without the pit. Each quadrant of the fighting pit measures 200x200mm. You can also expand your set up by utilizing the 100mm wide straight seating set. 
Additional elements include the fighting pit tower, a VIP seating area, clan banners and market stalls.