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WOW! Having assembled the unit from Amazon, I cannot express how impressed I am with these earlier units. The finish, both Interior & Exterior, the incredible tolerances used to allow the press-fit assembly and the way they label the parts with a Sheet and Piece designation, are all major improvements over your competition. I have assembled products from 4Ground, TeXRex & Sally4th. None of them hold up in comparison to the these early IBuiltIt products. I can’t wait to see the improvements offered in the next generation.

Layne Featherngill

This model was one of my first and I absolutely love it. It has amazing details, but wasn't overly complicated to put together. I will be purchasing all of the models in this set.

M. Wilks

The Ballista kit was wonderful to build and fun to use in gaming! It was easy to follow the instructions and provided a nice evening of enjoyment. This kit is a double so building it with a family member or friend building the other is a plus. I also liked the bit of history of these weapons. Highly recommended!

Kerry Brenstuhl

Enjoyed building this with my son. Love the fact that no paint or glue are required. When assembly is done it is ready for use or display.I will use these in my D&D games. Wife enjoyed the look enough to have them on display between games.I have 4 different I-Built-It models and quality has been consistently high on all. I do use an emory board to lightly sand the break points from the tree. Snap fit joints are snug and tight. Only used glue on one joint bc I was too rough on it.

Nagel Family

I found this looking up terrain for my D&D game. It assembled easily, I glued it but glue wouldn't be necessary. The scale is just about right for standard D&D or Pathfinder minis. The top is even removable to place figures inside (albeit it is not as well decorated). A great buy at a good price if terrain is what you're looking for.

Pat Ferguson

Loved the story and narration of the model. we all at home had good fun doing this project. The toilet lid gave us a good laugh. Nice packaging.

Purwa Sadvilkar